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Who Should Become an Ordained Minister?

Are you a natural healer, Reiki practitioner or energy worker?  Do you practice holistic healing techniques, herbalism, massage, healing hands, or other spiritual touch practices? Do you provide alternative spiritual counseling services, instruction in meditation, or alternative therapies for stress relief? Do you feel called to serve your community by ministering to the physical, mental and spiritual health of others as a chaplain or pastor?  Do you want to share a couple's joy as a wedding officiant?  Are you drawn to serving others in times of grief or suffering in hospice or hospital setting? Would you like to welcome the youngest members of the spiritual community by performing christenings?  If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, becoming an ordained minister with The Universal Light is right for you. Don't hesitate! Become an ordained minister today.  

Become a Minister
Book - Meditations of a Modern Day Bishop

Minister Ordination

The Universal Light's Creator guided mission is for its ordained ministers to administer natural healing and counseling techniques and serve their communities. An online ordination from TUL also allows you to perform all clergy services associated with traditional ministry, including pastoral counseling, spiritual advising, laying on of hands, and officiating ceremonies like christenings, weddings and memorials. Ordination provides you with legal protection under the 1st Amedment.   Don't wait, join The Universal Light today or contact us about how to receive your free ordination!

Once you receive your ordination, The Universal Light recommends The Broadman Minister's Manual by Franklin M. Segler.  Available on Amazon.

Meditations of a Modern Day  Bishop


​The Universal Light is asking everyone to support the distribution of a book titled "Meditations of a Modern - Day Bishop". No one involved in the creation of the book will benefit financially from its sales. All of the profits will be used to further the mission of the Universal Light through the Helping Hands Fund. The donation/cost of the book is tax deductible. The the book has a great message for any and all who read it. It is sold with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Many people have no idea what the Bible says, or what it really means. Meditations of a Modern Day Bishop takes the stories, psalms and proverbs out of the Bible and based on 40-years of daily meditations, provides an easy-to-understand way of meeting your Creator. Buy your copy today!


Available for Kindle

Purchase a print copy for $11.00 + $3.75 S&H


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A Free Course in Theology

If you feel the need of a course or someone to tell you what you should believe, you are not yet ready to become an ordained minister of The Universal Light.  In ordert to help you on your spiritual journey, we offer a free course in  Theology.

Once you have taken the free course in Theology, you may want to continue your spiritual and religious education with one of our accredited degree programs or ministry certificates.  

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