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Meditations of a Modern Day Bishop

40 years of daily meditations are compiled into one 120 page book. With the Holy Bible as a guide, the author has taken out the proverbs, psalms and stories to reduce the scriptures to a readable, understandable book with one message: Love others as much as God loves you.

All profits from every book sold will go directly to the Helping Hands Ministry. This is a non-profit 501C3 organization.             Have any problem or question, don't hesitate to call, 1-513-825-8290  Ask for Don

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What People are Saying

Good Morning Dr. Don. Thank you again for the talk last night. It was just what the DOCTOR order(lol).

The book was just wow. It answered questions about who I am that I have held in my mind since I was a child.


Thanks again

Love and Light Shonia

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