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Seek his will in all you do, and he will direct your paths.

Proverbs 3:6



Welcome, and thank you for visiting The Universal Light online. We hope that our website highlights the unique nature of our inter-denominational, non-dogmatic, parapsychological and metaphysical church without walls.

We believe that we are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience

 – Therefore we are all ONE in the SPIRIT and ALL are ONE in The Universal Light!

 Contact us today to acknowledge your membership in the world's largest church, admit your belief that you should ‘follow your heart’ and order your free Deacon Certificate or become a legally ordained minister if you are helping others in accordance with 1 Peter 4:10.

Minster Ordination


The Universal Light refers to people whose religious beliefs cause them to put their efforts and energy toward the positive and good of others, "LIGHT WORKERS" and we can and do legally ordain them they have all legal rights and privileges of any priest, minister or rabbi. We place special emphasis on providing legal minister ordination for light workers involved in healing ministries including Reiki, laying on hands, and other faith based healing.   

For those interested in outreach ministry, The Universal Light offers a Chaplain program.  Contact us today at 513-825-8290 for more information on becoming a chaplain with The Universal Light.


"So let everyone of you according to the gifts they have received from the Creator, minister the same to your fellowmen."

1 Peter 4:10

Our Mission


We believe that the Creator gave everyone free will and to establish any rules, regulations and/or dogma is to deny free will! So we set forth the declaration to follow what you truly believe, in your heart to be true, is what you should do in order to live to the best of your ability. The Creator gave us guides and directions through the Scriptures in order to find the truth within our self. We believe in individual spirituality rather than religious dogma. We believe in the spirit invested in each and every human being to follow "The Still Small Voice" in their heart 

Prayer Requests 

The Universal Light has an active prayer circle.  ANYONE may request to be added!  To submit a prayer request or be added to the distribution list for church communications please email


4 Legal Things Every Minister Should Know

State laws are constantly changing. Protect yourself by learning about the dangers that face many minsters that have been ordained online.

Meditations of a Modern Day Bishop
The Book to Read


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