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4 Dangers Facing Ordained Ministers

State laws are constantly changing and the changes can have very real legal implications for ordained ministers.  These are the  four most pressing potential court problems facing ministers ordained online or in non-traditional churches:


  1.  The law states that an ordained minister must be able to prove active membership in the organization in which he or she was ordained.  Many "online" churches' relationship with the new minister ends as soon as the ordination certificate is printed.  While that MAY meet the requirements for a someone who only wants to be ordained to perform a one time event, for example, officiating a friend's wedding ceremony; it is not adequate for someone who wants to pursue an active ministry.

  2. The ministry you perform must match the mission of the organization that conferred the ordination.  This is especially important for anyone involved in the healing ministries!   If the mission of the church that provides your ordination does not explicitly mention healing ministry, you could face legal prosecution for practicing medicine without a license.

  3. In some States, touch based ministries, like Healing Hands, Faith Healing, and Reiki fall into the category of "Massage" and the State requires the healer to possess a massage license or certification if physical contact takes place.  This is not true for ministers ordained through The Universal Light.  There is available to them a special dispensation! The important thing here is; if being ordained alone protects you from touching people or not is not the real issue, the real issue is, IT COST MONEY TO GO TO COURT to prove you freedom – be protected from it being an issue!

  4. Laws pertaining to the officiation of marriages vary from State to State.  To officiate a wedding, you must abide by the rules of the State in which the wedding will be held and correctly complete and return the marriage license to the appropriate State office.


The Mission of The Universal Light is the PROTECTION of Natural Healers of any modality.  The Universal Light offers an exclusive Physio/Spiritual Massage Certificate for our ministers who are engaged in touching ministries.  An ordination from The Universal Light allows you to perform all clergy services associated with traditional ministry, including pastoral counseling, spiritual advising, and officiating ceremonies like christenings, weddings and memorials.  We require annual updates to our membership rolls by our ordained ministers and use that information to verify you as a minister in  good standing when you need proof.  



Remember, courts are there to resolve differences and at any time anyone can charge or sue you for anything.  If you win or lose – they still cost money, reputation and a lot of inconvenience: BE SAFE NOT SORRY!

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