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The Universal Light has the largest Congregation consisting of inter-denominational individuals. If there were ‘dogma’ it would = “Follow the TRUTH which lies within YOUR OWN HEART”.   (And if you don’t know what that is, we can help you find it for we know the CREATOR put it there!) BECOME A DEACON, GET ORDAINED AS A MINISTER OR IF BAPTIZED AS A CATHOLIC, BE ORDAINED YOU AS A PRIEST – NOTHING STANDS IN YOUR WAY; NEITHER MALE/FEMALE OR L.G.B.T. ! We have ordained Catholics, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhist, Hindus & Others. (Many were ministers who simply transferred their ordination.) Catholic? NEED A DISPENSATION? We have two Catholic Bishops to help you. 



LIKE SHARK TANK; IF A PERSON EXISTS, WHETHER THEY KNOW IT OR NOT, THEY ARE A MEMBER OF T.U.L.  FOR MEMBERSHIP IS NOT A MATTER OF ‘JOINING’ IT IS A MATTER OF ‘BEING’! If you would like a life of success, then be like them, follow your dream, do what you were born to do and your life, regardless of the amount of money or fame you have, you will have a life of JOY with EVERYTHING YOU NEED – GUARANTEED ! Stop trying to be something you think you should be and become what you were created to be and success IS YOURS! Contact us today, it does not have to cost a fortune nor require lengthy therapy. 

We want to help everyone and due to the extreme number of calls, please be prepared to give only your first name, phone number and the day and time (with your time zone) that you would like a person (that has the ability to answer any and all of your questions - WITHIN REASON.) The person answering does not necessarily have the skills, knowledge or ability to help you.) 513-825-8290

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