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Are you a practitioner of natural, holistic, or alternative healing arts like  Reiki, Energy Work, Herbs, Laying on of Hands, or Spiritual Counseling? Do you consider these practices to be an integral part of your life? Did you know that in most areas many of these practices may violate laws or ordinances? Do you want protection from possible legal repercussions? Protect yourself by becoming a legally ordained minister with The Universal Light. 


The Universal Light provides special certification and educational opportunities for ministers who may physical touch their clients through ministry such as Hands on healing or Healing massage. This certification affords a specific Constitutional protection against legal action. 

  • Why should I get ordained?

    •  Legal ordination provides the full protection of the First Amendment of the Constitution when practicing alternative, natural healing as part of a spiritual life providing you can prove you are active in this organization since its mission is a healing one. 

  • What does The Universal Light offer that other online ordinations don’t?

    •  The Universal Light is a recognized 501(c)3 church with a healing mission. Our mission is simple; to provide a religious organization that is without dogma.  Each member is free to practice their religious beliefs using the particular gifts that the Creator has endowed within them. 

    • The Universal Light is recognized in all 50 states and most foreign countries.

    • The Universal Light verifies its ministers’ continued activity through a yearly membership update process. This ensures that each minister meets the legal requirement to be an active participants in the ordaining organization. 

    • The Universal Light provides spiritual support to its ministers. All you have to do is call or email and a real person will normally respond within 72 hours.  Sometimes longer, especially around holidays. 

    • The Universal Light is in the process of building a minister directory that will include contact information and type of ministry support provided.

    • The Universal Light has two bishops with lineage tracing back to the Apostles among its membership.

If you have any question please feel free to call, Don, Ben, or Ann @ 513-825-8290.

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