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About us


Finding that the basic beliefs of most religions were the same and only the dogma of mankind that caused the differences, The Universal Light Church was founded.  TUL set out to establish a simple church that would represent as closely as possible what was believed to exist in spirit.  (Spirit or energy, is what most followers of religion referred to as God/Allah, Alpha and Omega, I Am That I Am; spiritualist as the Light, Creator, Primal Energy, The Higher Power, or as the physicist referred to it has "the unified field".)  Since the majority of its members were more familiar with the Bible was used for scriptural authority.  Also interesting reading is the Torah, the Qur’an and the Dhammapada. 


Around 1969, Don Hauck, PhD was in meditation when directed to begin The Universal Light.   He did not know at the time how important it would become to others who followed their Spiritual Guidance to minister to others in the meta physical and holistic healing modalities.   The Universal Light Inc. (TUL)  was incorporated as a inter-denominational, non-dogmatic, parapsychological and metaphysical church without walls.  It is a 501(c)3 not -for- profit  corporation.  It is has become a legally recognized church with ministers internationally.

Often ministers continued to practice their own very dogmatic religion.  TUL refers to people whose religious beliefs cause them to put their efforts and 

energy toward the positive and good of others, "LIGHT WORKERS" and we can and do legally ordain them they have all legal rights and privileges of any priest, minister or rabbi.


As we work to build the New Paradigm, TUL found a new responsibility; the protection of light workers, since they use various metaphysical and parapsychological methods and tools which may not be understood by the general population.   Many Light Workers have learned their art through inspiration, meditation, mentors, angels and other so-called "unorthodox" or “alternative" means.  Today in fact, we are seeing many in the traditional healing fields such as medicine blend with those of the metaphysicians and parapsychologist.  Remember it was “The Father of Medicine” who was quoted saying, "The physician without knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician."   TUL also certifies Light Workers in ministries of their choosing.  Any TUL minister can serve in multiple ministries and be certified in such.  


If you feel the need of a course or someone to tell you what you should believe, you are not yet ready to become an ordained minister of The Universal Light. To help you on your quest for spiritual enlightment, The Universal Light offers a free course in theology.  Our church also confers an accredited Masterof Religious Educations and an accredited Doctorate in Divinity to those who qualify. Records of our ministers are updated annually in order to validate that they are still active within the church.  Most States require a licensed minister to maintain an active ministry in the church it was ordained.  To remain a minister in good standing, ordained  ministers pay tax-deductible annual dues.  Dues are as low as $25 per year if paid by October 1st.  The Universal Light will validate active ordained ministers from anywhere by phone.


The Constitution protects an ordained minister regardless of the state in which they set up their ministry.  However to officiate a wedding the laws of each state must be complied with.  We suggest contacting the County Clerk or other marriage license issuing entity in that jurisdiction.  If they require a "Letter of Good Standing" let us know and we can provide one.


Just imagine for a moment that if everything that exists from people, trees to stars and planets were melted down into one big spot and nothing else existed including space.  This would be in what we call The Universal Light.  It is the bases of all that is, in and around everything.  Nothing exist without.  It would be like "The Force" in Star Wars.  Now most believe this created all things.  Physicists tell us that everything comes from this unified field in the form of waves, these ways turn in the energy and the energy turns into matter.  This could be the FORM of creating.  Now some say that it banged (exploded) everything into existence.  And some say that it just evolved into the different things.  Now some say everything came from intelligent design, so they can call this The Universal Light, intelligence.  Do you see where I am going with this?  Just indulge me for a moment and let's change the name The Universal Light to God or Allah or any one of a hundred different names.  I think no matter how you want to believe things came about, it's simply proves there IS some thing, (not necessarily matter or anti-matter -- possibly what we call spiritual) which is God/Allah.

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