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Minister Ordination

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It's easy to become a legally ordained minister with The Universal Light! No years of seminary, no excessive tuition! Once your order is received you will receive instructions to prepare for your ordination. Your Certificate of Ordination, suitable for framing, will be mailed to you.

If you are interested in becoming ordained as a priest, please contact Bishop Don, O.F.J. at (513) 825 -8290

Already ordained through another church? Transfer your ordination for ONLY $45! Just select the transfer existing ordination option.

Have a referral from another TUL Minister? Get a $25 discount on your ordination! Select the referral ordination option and provide your referral code.

As an ordained minister you can legally provide religious services

  • Scripture tells us "So let everyone of you according to the gifts they have received from the Creator, minister the same to your fellowmen,"................1 Peter 4:10. There are as many ways to minister as there are gifts from the Creator! Here are a few to consider.
    • Healing Ministry - faith healing and laying on of hands, Reiki, hypnotherapy, massage, energy work, Tantra* or other alternative rituals or practices intended to heal the body, mind or spirit
    • Spiritual Advising, Pastoral Counseling, Mentor or Life Coaching - Prayer, Tarot readings, psychic advising, Astrology, Bibliomancy or other spiritual practice intended to channel the guidance of Divine will for others.
    • Build your own congregation or community outreach program - often times people feel called to serve but do not have the means or desire to attend a traditional seminary or education program. It was not until well after 250 AD that the business of training Priests and Ministers began. Prior to that, people followed the Spiritual guidance from within – Here at The Universal Light, we still uphold that method!
    • Officiate weddings and other milestones of life - There are many rites of passage to be marked in a person's life: baby blessings, confirmations of faith, marriage ceremonies, and memorial services to name just a few. As an ordained member of clergy you will be able to officiate ceremonies to mark all of these milestones or if you wish, you can just serve as an ordained wedding officiant.

Already ordained? Submit a copy of your existing ordination certificate to The Universal Light and receive a discounted transfer ordination.

Want to get a FREE Minister's ordination? See our Doctorate of Divinity instead!

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Anyone Needing Financial Help Can Get Help From Dr. Don Hauck, O.F.J.: Call 513-825-8290!

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